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How did I come up with these!

I have always been a big advocate of sorts towards personal training on the fly. Not everyone has a lot of time set aside to do for themselves like they would prefer but typically are tethered away by something else. With that being said, I have a good friend who is considerably a brother to me who had reached out to me about working out. This meant the world to me to help him out and get him to be a lot healthier. Knowing that his weight was a bigger factor to chop down in size and make lean, I thought of quite a lot of routines that would work for him and be the most effective. After a few months of working out together we started seeing a lot of great results from this. He had made mention of my gymnastic rings and that all of our workouts were not using those and thought that I was holding myself back from those, to better accommodate him and his needs. I responded with encouragement of doing more workouts is better to keep the muscle confusion going. After I had a decent night of thinking, I drew up a design that made sense for helping him to be able to manipulate his own body weight at his own pace and resistance. It took me a couple days but I actually handmade my very first bar and it was successful. Though improvements were going to be a thing, it proved to be very helpful and then I made two. The avenues of workout routines started flowing and more ideas for workouts became more and more prevalent. I tested my skeleton design for over 6 months in various ways to make sure it was not going to fail. He had mentioned to me about getting a patent on these. I never thought about it but I was not against doing my research and seeing if it was something that was already made in the world or not. But it was not and as a matter a fact the US Patent office pushed it through very quickly and within 9 months I had my Patent. Ever since, I have been personal training with these and selling them to friends and gyms.

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